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Buying a home will likely the largest investment of your life. We have a total solution that will find you the best home for your money, and we work with the best lenders that have custom loan programs that offer some of the best financing options available anywhere.


The good news is, as a buyer, our services and total solution programs cost you nothing. We are paid by the seller.


We have a team that delivers the best services in every category!  Our organized and effective solutions will deliver superior results in every way to you.


We plan, execute, and follow-through every step of the way to deliver results that will exceed your expectations. Our 20+ years of expertise and experience will create the best home buying experience for you from start to finish. We are the real deal.

We put the real in real estate. Because getting a loan is an important part of buying a home, we work very closely with lenders that offer exceptional loan programs.


Our total buying system gives you a distinct advantage so that you will not only get the best home for your money, but the best financing to go along with it.


For example… are you renting because you can’t afford the down payment and closing costs to own a home? We have access to a program where the home will be purchased and you then lease it – for probably much less than you are paying for rent. You lock in the interest rate and the price, and then you have up to five years to purchase it outright. Stop throwing rent money away and start on your home ownership path today!


If you’re moving up, we have access to jumbo loans up to 1.5 million with only 5% down and no MI (mortgage insurance).


We have access to a program that you only need to put $1,000 down and you own a home!


We have access to loans for fast closings, in as little as 14 days.


We have access to loans where you put down as little as 1% (not a typo) and get a 2% grant to go with it – that doesn’t need to be paid back.


If you’re self-employed, we have access to loans that don’t require 1099s or tax returns. Fast and easy!


These are just a few of the ways we do more for you than anyone else. We’re the real deal.


Disclaimer: We do not make loans. We strive to offer a total real estate solution and include lenders in our team for the benefit of our customers. We are proud to work with the best lenders in the business and happily promote their services.

Some loan programs may have restrictions or conditions or may be subject to change.  We may also have new ones that are not listed here. Call for details.

Here is our total success solution to get you the best home for your money, and the best financing to go with it!

We Make a Plan Before We Start Searching the Market

When you know what you can afford, and find a great loan program, you are in a position of strength to act fast and buy the perfect home as soon as you find it. You can also present a more powerful offer to the seller because we have the financing in place already, which gives you a huge advantage over other buyers.

One Year Home Warranty

Every purchased home receives a 12 month home warranty. We help protect you from any hidden flaws that might require repair!

Major repairs can cost thousands of dollars.

We want to start out your first year of home ownership with a lot fewer worries and a lot of happiness!

We Keep You Informed of the Market

As soon as new home listings hit the market you are sent complete information via email. This keeps you on top of the latest developments as they occur in real time.

When a home looks especially good, you can send us an instant request to tour it. Being first to act is another huge advantage over other buyers. We have the latest technology that keeps you informed.

Exclusive Guarantees

We know how to deliver superior results in every step of buying a home, and we put our performance in writing, with a triple guarantee of satisfaction to back us up! Nobody else does this. Our guarantees have teeth in them too – they are backed up by money. We set higher standards and we deliver better results!

More Technology! A Phone App

If you’re out and you happen to see a home that you want more information about, our powerful phone app can give you instant information about any home for sale! You can even search for homes on your own when you’re out and around. If you like the home, send an instant message to set up a tour.

An added bonus is an instant mortgage payment calculator.

Guaranteed Home Finder

If your ideal home isn’t on the market, we will work to find it for you. We work to find homes that are not listed in the MLS and are not available through any other agents.

We have vast marketing resources in just our office alone, which is over 1,000 agents strong.

We can also help find the perfect home for you in a different city or state if you are moving.

Market Analysis and Negotiating Expertise

When you’ve found the perfect home, we take things to an entirely new level. Our 20+ years of appraisal experience allows us to analyze the home so you know how the price fits in. This can save you a lot of money. We can also critique any issues with the market appraisal that may arise.

If any complicated issues come up, we have the added expertise to analyze the situation in depth and negotiate on your behalf.

We Are The Real Deal

We have been the behind the scenes experts for lenders and other agents that needed accurate research and analysis in market valuations. That same expertise and experience is included in our service to you in all that we do.

For everything else, we search out best-in-class providers for a complete first-class buying transaction.

We do things differently. We deliver unmatched Experience, Expertise, and Excellence, from start to finish! We partner with the best financing companies that have programs other lenders can only dream of!

We know the market inside out because of our extensive real estate background (20 years appraisal and 13 years of broker experience).

If you talk about it, it’s a dream. If you envision it, it’s possible, but if you schedule it, it’s real.  Contact us now for a personalized consultation.

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