Your home is likely the largest investment of your life. How you go about selling it can greatly affect your future.


Marketing and selling are like launching a mission that requires careful planning, guided by skill and experience.


You need a plan that is organized and effective, which will deliver superior results.


Most importantly, you need the plan to be executed with skill and precision. Errors can be time-consuming and costly.


We plan, execute, and follow-through every step of the way to deliver results that will exceed your expectations and achieve uncommon success.

The Plan

Massive assault from multiple sides. We launch a comprehensive marketing strategy into orbit that is built for one thing: precision results. Below is a brief summary of how that works…

What is Your Home Worth?

We do an in-depth market analysis to determine a plan (not just a price) to sell your home. Our 20 years of appraisal experience allows for more accuracy than a typical CMA (comparative market analysis) which most agents use or a quick and easy online valuation from a website. Get the facts and save thousands!

One Year Home Warranty

Every sold home receives a 12 month home warranty. This draws more attention in the market and sets your home one more notch above the rest. Buyers are usually picky and want an inspection before buying a home. With a 12 month warranty they have peace of mind and this helps them to make their buying decision faster and easier. That’s a win-win for everyone!

Exclusive Guarantees

We know how to market your home better, and we put our performance in writing, with a triple guarantee of satisfaction to back us up! Nobody else does this. Our guarantees have teeth in them too – they are backed up by money. We set higher standards and we deliver better results!

Different Marketing Plans

You have choices. We can deliver the best marketing plan available to not just show your home but showcase it. You can also scale back some features and pay a lower commission rate. We can tailor fit a marketing plan to your needs which will deliver optimal results in record time. We do not do one size fits all marketing. We market to get the best results for you!

Turbo Charged Marketing

Our marketing systems deliver high exposure and focused information to targeted buyers. We use state of the art technology such as custom websites, instant sign information, targeted social media marketing, and mass emailing – in addition to our own powerhouse company that is over 1,000 agents strong!

Lightening Sale Options

Some sellers choose to sell their homes fast. There are numerous companies that will pay cash and let you choose your closing date. If this appeals to you, we have investors and buy-out companies that we work with that can certainly do this for you. There are pros and cons to this so we include it as an option that is available to you.

Open House Launch

In conjunction with our massive marketing launch, we feature open houses for the first two weeks of the listing. This greatly reduces the interruptions of too many showings to you, as well as intensifies the interest of buyers in a short amount of time. This results in red hot excitement and intensifies interest in the most interested buyers in the market!

Our Magic is Unmatched

Although we may make what we do look easy (it’s the special effects!), it’s not. We have been the behind the scenes experts for lenders and other agents that needed accurate research and analysis in market valuations. That same expertise and experience is included in our service to you in all that we do.

We do things differently. We deliver unmatched Experience, Expertise, and Excellence, from start to finish! We partner with the best financing companies that have programs other lenders can only dream of!

We know the market inside out because of our extensive real estate background (20 years appraisal and 13 years of broker experience).

If you talk about it, it’s a dream. If you envision it, it’s possible, but if you schedule it, it’s real.  Contact us now for a personalized consultation.

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